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It might be that your internet connection is weak or that you are entering some wrong information. If the problem persists, contact us by filling the form below. Also make sure you our payment method is supported in your country.
At present I TeachStuff does not offer any refund but who knows if we do in the future?
Coupon code can be redeemed from the checkout page. Select your courses and on the checkout page enter the coupon code in the coupon code area. Through this way you can redeem a coupon code. At present coupon codes can only be redeemed on this site. Make sure the coupon code you are using is valid and not expired.

To purchase a course you need to follow the following steps: 1. Select the course you want to purchase 2. After selecting the course click on Enroll button 3. Proceed through the steps and pay at the checkout 4. After your payment is received the course will show in your course section in your accounts page.

Definitely Yes! We are always looking for passionate teachers who want to earn some extra cash and trust. Just visit our Become a Teacher page and fill the details. We will get back to you shortly after that.


It can be done from your accounts page. However you cannot edit your username.
It's easy. Just click on login button on the top and from there navigate to register. Sign in using any of the social media account or just enter your info and get started.
It can be done from your account page.
Missing mobile purchase
If you purchased a course on iOS or Android, it's possible that the course was not registered to your account. Please email your purchase receipt to
Multiple e-mail accounts
If you use multiple e-mail accounts, or have a Facebook or Google account, try logging in with the associate e-mail addresses. If the problem persists, contact us by filling the form below.

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