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We are always ready to welcome you.

At I TeachStuff our aim is to provide everyone with a chance to showcase their talent. Be it a teenager or a normal aged person, if you are passionate to teach and have got a unique talent, we are always ready to welcome you. We are a community of passionate teachers and students, if you passionate too hop right in.

How To Become A Teacher

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You have to to fill out this form

As we have said earlier, we are a community of passionate teachers and students and we want only the passionate ones.

By being a instructor on I TeachStuff, you need to make sure you provide only the best content for people to buy because each and every penny of our valued students is worth it.
To be an instructor you need to be or do the following:

1. You should be passionate. 2. You should be punctual. In a sense that you should answer each and every query of your students with the same passion as you have now while filling the form. 3. Your content should be worthy of being published 4. You agree that we have all the rights on the content being published here. If you are found violating our policy you may be banned from the website without any notice or it can also involve legal actions against you so just be good and post good content. 5. Enjoy.
We encourage people to start publishing courses on those topics which you are an expert in. Making courses on topics you don't have knowledge about won't be good.

Your courses describe you and we assume you are sensible to understand the rest. Let's hope we have a good friendly relationship and contribute to this community in a positive manner. Let's fill the form.

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